Sarıkamış Wintersport facility; A peak of Eastern Anatolia

Mt.Sarıkamış of Kars is one of the well known destinations of Turkey. It is famous for wild and beautiful natural structure. Due to the tough winter conditions, it is one of the suitable places for winter sports.

The wintersport facility has various tracks for various levels. It is getting more famous everyday.

It has also historical background. It is the place where thousands of young Turkish soldiers martyrized by freezing in WW 1. They became martyrs without shooting any bullet to the enemy.

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Kilitbahir Castle; Other guard of Dardanelles

My previous article is about the castle of Sultan Mehmed II (the conquerer). That castle has a brother on the other shore of the Dardanelles Strait. Its name is Kilitbahir Castle.

It has the same mission with his brother; to protect and to watch the strait. As I mentioned that defence of the capital became the most important task for Sultan Mehmed II so he had two castles built to watch the Dardanelles. Also it had an important mission during the Gallipoli war in 20th century as a frontier.

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Castle of Sultan Mehmed II; A guard for Dardanelles Strait

Ottoman state became an empire after the conquest of Constantinople. It was such a big event that all Christian kings and states were affected deeply. So Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II (the conquerer) arranged effective strategies to protect the new capital of Ottoman Empire.

Firstly he had to protect and watch the straits. Dardanelles Strait was the only sailing point to Istanbul (Constantinople). So he had a castle built on a narrowest part of the strait. This castle was that one. It has a wide panorama in order to control all the strait.

It is being used as military musem at present. You can add this castle to your tour while visiting Gallipoli.

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A house with church; A significant discovery in Laodikya ancient site

Christianity has deep impacts on Small Asia peninsula. After Christianity was accepted as official religion of East Roman Empire, the sites had changed. An example for this period was unearthed. A house with churh was discovered in Laodikya ancient site of Denizli province.

The religious structures have changed in this period. The base of the house was discovered. It has a church in the house. It is guessed that it is around 5500 years old.

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Vikings in Constantinople; Ancient Residents in East Roman era

Bathonea Ancient Site

Bathonea ancient site is a very important site for history because it has many things to light up the era of Byzantine. The archeological excavations have been lasting for years.

According to the last discovery, Vikings were the habitants of Bathonea ancient site. As we know that it was the port of Constantinople. Also it was the last stop before Constantinople. The graves and the casual items tell us a great story about Vikings of East Roman Empire. We know that Vikings were the traders of ancient era. They sailed through various places in the world. Constantinople was one of those various places.

The skeletons gave us valuable hints of the habitants.They adapted on Byzantine life style.

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Pistachio;Turkish dried nuts

Pistachio is one of the well known dried nuts of Turkey. It is planted in Gaziantep province. Pistachio is known as the dried nut of Gaziantep. This species is on the list of protection due to the extinction danger. It contains fiber and protein. It is one of the popular dried nuts of Turkish cuisine. It is also considered as very tasteful.

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Roses of Anatolia; A gift to Anatolian Peninsula

Beside the historical sites, Turkish landscape has many natural gifts such as worldwide famous roses Isparta province. This rose species has many feature such as odour and taste. Its scent is so beautiful that it can create a paradise and it is so delicious that the rose jam is one of the delicious jams of Turkey. It is also one of the high quality export goods in Turkey.

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The oldest mosque of Turkey; Maybe the world’s oldest one…

It is mentioned that Turkey has a wealthy religious background. This background is dated back to beginning of time. It is also same for Islam history in Turkey. A cave mosque was discovered in Mardin province of Turkey. Southeastern Turkey has a wealthy historical background as it is the conjunction between west and east. Islam launched around 600’s AD. This mosque’s construction year is unknown due to the lack of inscription. It is known that it was restored in 1109 AD. It is guessed that it remained from Emevi dynasty era.

Firstly the registration of the ancient mosque is being expected. Then it will be restored. It seems that it is from the beginning of Islam history. As we know that early Christians also curved their churches to the caves. Turkey is a great destination for religious tourism for every religion.

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Baldheaded boy(Keloğlan) Cave of Denizli; A legend’s nest (or real?)

If you are familiar with Turkish culture or literature, I am sure that you know Baldheaded boy (Keloğlan) very well.He can be considered as second famous character of Turkish culture after Nasreddin hodja. He also has a task to show the nicest manners and to give lessons to the people with humour. Almost every baldheaded people in Anatolia were named as baldheaded boy with various purposes.

This cave’s legend is based on the similar basis. It is said that a baldheaded shepherd loved a girl but family of the girl rejected him as he was baldheaded. He got very upset and he wanted to run away from the people. He hid in this cave for awhile. He noticed that he had bushy hair. So he faced the family of the girl again. The family accepted him as their groom. After that day, the baldheaded people visited this cave to have bushy hair, even today.

It is located in Denizli province of Turkey. It is one of the nicest caves of Turkey beside the story.

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Entrance of the cave

Mt.Cilo; the biggest glacier of Turkey and tectonic lakes

Mt Cilo National Park of Hakkari is a place that was declared as national park short time ago. By the declaration of Turkish Presidency, the region is a national park. The territory was under the terror danger for a long time.

There is the biggest glacier of Turkey. Also there are glacier lakes on the region. But due to global warming, it is melting. Mt.Cilo and mountains chains are considered as one of the highest peaks of Turkey.

Today it is one of the attraction centers for hikers and camping lovers. The region is being visited by mountaineers.

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