Spirit of Turkey

Despite the lack of tourism management in Turkey, there is something special for Turkey. Turkey’s multi-cultural character is one of the unique characters of the world. Thanks to the historical background, Turkish spirit was shaped in an unique way.

One of the characteristic features is hospitality. Turkish hospitality is worldwide famous. For example, Anatolian people are so warm that they can offer you a glass of tea. Our society is eligible for tourism reality.

Spirit of Turkish people is unique in the world. A visitor can come across everything that a tourist wants to have for a vacation. Holiday resorts, natural beauties, ancient sites, beaches and religious treasures are the ones that give the joy of a great vacation.

Visit Turkey and travel in time….

International Solidarity for tourism after COVID outbreak

COVID outbreak is affecting all economical activities deeply, that’s why the authorities are still looking for recovery packages. Tourism is one of the most affected sectors of this outbreak.

It is obvious that it isn’t the problem of one country or a continent. It is a global issue that has many things to discuss. The only way for recovery is the international solidarity. All of the states have to put the necessary regulations into action urgently. Including the health of tourism staff, there are many issues to solve. Travel should be secured by the necessary regulations.

International solidarity manages to solve all problems towards COVID outbreak.

International cooperation is the only way for the recovery.

Why is the publicity important for tourism?

Publicity is one of the most necessary tools of tourism. A country can have a great potential for tourism but lack of publicity will not let the potential grow.

A tourist arranges his/her holiday up to the recommendation and knowledge. Publicity is the tool that tourism uses for this purpose.

Publicity also increases the number of the tourists and income. When the potential grows, more income is the award.

Publicity is one of the necessary skills that a tourism staff should know as they are part of tourism publicity.

Thanks to publicity, countries like Turkey are capable of developing tourism potential.

Why do we need tourism for world peace?

It is absolute that the life is more beautiful with peace. If a human being wants to be free, the best way is to travel in the world or a country. More cultural things we have in our mind means more freedom.

One of the most important facts of the peace is to meet new cultures so you can establish beautiful friendships. A person who has beautiful friendships is the supporter of peace. Tourism provides this fact and fulfills the conditions of world peace. When the cultures meet in harmony, the people will unite in the goal of peace.

Traveling sets your spirit free so a tourist wants to travel more. Only peace can provide this opportunity.

Smiling is one of the healthy emotions for a human. When a guest is welcomed in a beautiful altitude, that guest puts a smile in his/her face.

Tourism shows us our past and our future. It is the only outdoor activity that you can estimate where we are going. We can evaluate the historical phases so we can design the future.

Live with tourism because tourism sets your spirit free….

Domestic tourism in Turkey;

According to professional tourism management, domestic tourism is as important as international tourism. Tourism should develop in both frontiers; International tourism and Domestic tourism. Mostly international tourism is spoken due to foreign income. Since international tourism is an important sector for economy, the investments and regulations are designed up to the principles of international tourism. It doesn’t mean that domestic tourism isn’t necessary for a national economy. In opposition to the benefits of international tourism, domestic tourism has many benefits for national economy and cultural development.

Firstly it is necessary for cultural development. To realize the background of a landscape is the first condition to create a healthy public. Culture is a character that can be formed by various civilizations that resided on a landscape.

Secondly it raises up the life standard of the public. It means that economical and cultural standards will get better. Also the public will learn what the history is. The history is a good teacher for us. We can see the past and we can design the future.

Thirdly it creates an alternative income in the name of tourism. Economy needs this income. If it is as good as the international tourism, it is a good sign for national economy. Circulation of money provides the sustainability of tourism movement.

Tourism is a sort of human culture exchange. Sustainability of tourism depends on the quality of tourism.

A tourism paradise; Turkey

Turkey is a tourism country. It has many facts to describe Turkey as a tourism country.

If you wanna travel in time, Turkey is the right destination for a tourist.

If you wanna have fun in summer, visit Turkish resorts.

If you wanna spend great time in nature, explore Turkish landscape.

If you wanna experience great outdoor sports, visit Turkey.

If you wanna feel the holy emotion, visit the church of Virgin Mary.

If you wanna feel the prophets, visit south eastern region of Turkey.

Whatever you look for, Turkey will meet your desires…

Visit Turkey and Travel in time….

New tourism model and Turkey

Tourism isn’t a steady sector,it changes up to every conditions. The basic of tourism is always the same but the methods and applications are changed. Every event or technological development may change the sector such as any virus or a tension.Briefly it is a dynamic sector.

Our period is this sort of period. After Corona virus launched the world, our life style and economy had changed rapidly. Transformation of our life was so rapid that it occured nearly in a one and half years. Tourism isn’t an eligible sector. The dynamics of tourism have changed. For example, travel and tourism policies have been transformed. New procedures have been added. According to remote work principle, some countries redesigned their policies.

The most important question is that; what is the situation of Turkey? Even before the COVID outbreak, Turkish Republic had a serious policy conflict. Professional tourism management principle was ignored. All of those issues united with economical problems. The difficult situation became tougher for us. Russian market supported Turkish tourism last year.This year Russia declared that flights were banned and the Russian authorities designed their policy in order to support domestic tourism in Russia. Turkish authorities are still waiting for Russia’s answer for summer.

Briefly it is the proof of this rule; Never ignore professional tourism management ignore. It is the key of a success or reducing the loss.

Russia and Turkey; what happened between two tourism partners?

Tourism is a sensitive sector. Anything can affect the circulation of this massive travel action. That’s why every detail is vital for tourism sector. Professional Tourism Management requires some important skills such as intelligence and international communication skill. Especially top management of the state and tourism sector have to evaluate and analysis every detail carefully. This work is more important in crisis periods because tourism sector has to deal with more issues.

Since 2019 the world has been struggling with a virus named Corona virus. At the beginning, the infection was so fast that the states couldn’t be able to control the virus and its result was very heavy. Every sector including economy are still being affected from this virus. We are trying to create a new normal for us. The partnersips are being tested in that period. Before the COVID outbreak, Russia and Turkey were one the best partners. After the COVID outbreak, something has changed. If we take out the political tension for Ukraine, health is the major subtitle.

Antalya is one of the top destinations that are preffered by Russian tourists. Despite of some issues, Turkey was the top destination for Russian tourists last year. Turkish tourism authorities stated that summer of 2021 would be better for Russia. The latest situation is getting worse for Turkey. Russian tourism authorities stated that the flights were banned to Turkey. The motive of this decision is the rapid infection of COVID. It is their right to protect their citizens. Also it is told that political tension for Ukraine fueled the flight ban to Turkey. I can just estimate the events,nothing more.

We can find out something from Russia side. But what about Turkish side? We can’t come across any satisfactory statement for this crisis from Turkish authorities. They just state that everything is in control and they will pursuade Russian side.

According to the professional tourism management, the situation should be declared clearly. Otherwise we don’t lose only money and also the prestige. Tourism is the reflection of international prestige.

I hope that we don’t lose 2021 and 2022 tourism seasons.

A town where history breaths; Eğil

We know that every square meter of Turkey is full of history and different stories. Southern Eastern region of Turkey has a special location (a passage between east and west). That’s why we can come across important historical destinations such as Eğil county of Diyarbakır province.

Diyarbakır has been one of the important destinations in the name of history. Eğil county is one of them. Eğil has important historical assets such as caves, an Assyrian fortress and a cave church. All of those assets have great historical background.

Finally a cave church which is around 1600 years old will be opened for tourism. It is holy for Christians because we come across every sort of cross figures on the cave walls. Also it is thought that two prophets who are accepted by Quran were buried here. Briefly it is an important destination for religious tourism.

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Forgotten historical treasure; Germenicia ancient site

It has been mentioned for several times; There are many unearthed ancient sites under the soil in Turkey. According to the historical records, many sites that had very important for various goals had been existed then they were abonded. So their traces had gone.

A Roman site,Germenicia, is taking place in the historical records of Anatolia. Unfortunately it was lost till the close past. It is in the border of the province of K.Maraş which is located in southern region of Turkey. Firstly the mosaics were unearthed then the resaerches proved us that the mosaics belonged to Germenicia ancient site. The region where Germenicia ancient site was founded is a residental area at present. The archeaologists think that the great Germenicia will be unearthed if the archeaological excavation can be made at this site.

It is obvious that Germenicia ancient site can provide us great hints on Roman era. Some of the the priceless mosaics are being exhibited at K.Maraş Archeaological Museum.

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