Spirit of Turkey

Despite the lack of tourism management in Turkey, there is something special for Turkey. Turkey’s multi-cultural character is one of the unique characters of the world. Thanks to the historical background, Turkish spirit was shaped in an unique way. One of the characteristic features is hospitality. Turkish hospitality is worldwide famous. For example, Anatolian people are so warm that they […]

International Solidarity for tourism after COVID outbreak

COVID outbreak is affecting all economical activities deeply, that’s why the authorities are still looking for recovery packages. Tourism is one of the most affected sectors of this outbreak. It is obvious that it isn’t the problem of one country or a continent. It is a global issue that has many things to discuss. The only way for recovery is […]

Why is the publicity important for tourism?

Publicity is one of the most necessary tools of tourism. A country can have a great potential for tourism but lack of publicity will not let the potential grow. A tourist arranges his/her holiday up to the recommendation and knowledge. Publicity is the tool that tourism uses for this purpose. Publicity also increases the number of the tourists and income. […]

Domestic tourism in Turkey;

According to professional tourism management, domestic tourism is as important as international tourism. Tourism should develop in both frontiers; International tourism and Domestic tourism. Mostly international tourism is spoken due to foreign income. Since international tourism is an important sector for economy, the investments and regulations are designed up to the principles of international tourism. It doesn’t mean that domestic […]

A tourism paradise; Turkey

Turkey is a tourism country. It has many facts to describe Turkey as a tourism country. If you wanna travel in time, Turkey is the right destination for a tourist. If you wanna have fun in summer, visit Turkish resorts. If you wanna spend great time in nature, explore Turkish landscape. If you wanna experience great outdoor sports, visit Turkey. […]

New tourism model and Turkey

Tourism isn’t a steady sector,it changes up to every conditions. The basic of tourism is always the same but the methods and applications are changed. Every event or technological development may change the sector such as any virus or a tension.Briefly it is a dynamic sector. Our period is this sort of period. After Corona virus launched the world, our […]

Russia and Turkey; what happened between two tourism partners?

Tourism is a sensitive sector. Anything can affect the circulation of this massive travel action. That’s why every detail is vital for tourism sector. Professional Tourism Management requires some important skills such as intelligence and international communication skill. Especially top management of the state and tourism sector have to evaluate and analysis every detail carefully. This work is more important […]

A town where history breaths; Eğil

We know that every square meter of Turkey is full of history and different stories. Southern Eastern region of Turkey has a special location (a passage between east and west). That’s why we can come across important historical destinations such as Eğil county of Diyarbakır province. Diyarbakır has been one of the important destinations in the name of history. Eğil […]

Forgotten historical treasure; Germenicia ancient site

It has been mentioned for several times; There are many unearthed ancient sites under the soil in Turkey. According to the historical records, many sites that had very important for various goals had been existed then they were abonded. So their traces had gone. A Roman site,Germenicia, is taking place in the historical records of Anatolia. Unfortunately it was lost […]