5 Worthvisiting places of Turkey Episode I

Turkey is a star of tourism sector. We can come across everything we need for tourism in Turkey including culture, historical heritage and hospitality. We can state that Turkey is one of the countries that should be visited before death. My purpose is to make a summary for a traveller ( without boring). I chose some touristic and cultural sites of Turkey…

  1. Istanbul :

Istanbul has been an attraction center for thousands of years. It is located on two continents; Europe and Asia. Due to its strategical location, all tribes and culture put this city to the target plan. Finally it was conquered by Ottoman State in 1453. Then it became a Turkish city. Before that, it was capital of East Roman Empire. We can see many cultural layers in every side of the city. The historical monuments such as Saint Sophia and old town are all reflection of this historical heritage. We found out that even the Asian minor has a wealthy cultural layer. The museums of Istanbul exhibit the multi cultural legacy. Istanbul strait is the gate to Blacksea.

2. Çanakkale:

Çanakkale strait (Dardanellus) is the another place where Asia and Europe are tied up. During the history, this region had witnessed very important events such as Trojan war and Gallipoli war (WW1). In addition to those events, this region became a gate to cross Eastern world for the famous characters including Alexander the Great. Troy is the most famous ancient site in the region. Trojan war is one of the legendary wars of the region.

In 20th century, Gallipoli war was the last legendary war. United alliance navy and Turkish forces struggled. Turkish forces defeated alliance navy and forces.

3. Pamukkale /Hierapolis:

Pamukkale is in the border of Denizli province. It is famous for white travertines. Hierapolis ancient site was established in that region. Also the region has been famous for natural springs for thousands of years. This spring is still used ay present.

4. Antalya:

Antalya is one of the famous holiday resorts of Turkey. It is also known as Turkish Riviera. Antalya offers great opportunities for the visitors. For example you can swim in the morning and then you can skate in the afternoon. The magnificent landscape of Antalya is worldwide famous. The caves, the canyons and the historical heritage form a famous Antalya.

Especially in summers, millions of tourists visit Antalya. International tourism focuses on Antalya’s treasures.

5. Bodrum:

Bodrum is one of the famous holiday resorts of Turkey. It is famous for holiday facilities. The archeaological museum of Bodrum exhibits the sunken ships of the region and archeaological objects. Also it is an important destination for domestic tourism.

We can realize that tourism is one of the major industries in Turkey.

Discover Turkey……..


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