A Blonde Nun in Turkey

Mummy of Blonde Nun

When we mention on mummies, we always think of ancient Egypt civilization. But this article is on an interesting mummy that was unearthed in Niğde province of Turkey. Yılanlı Church is one of the ancient religious centers of Turkey. During the excavations, a mummy of a blonde nun and 4 children mummies were unearthed.

This blonde nun is around 1000 years old and she was mummified up to Christian customs. She was well preserved so we can see that she was blonde. In addition to her, children mummies were also unearthed. It is thought that children are from the same time period. As we know that blondes were considered as special people in ancient era.

Niğde historical museum is the home of those mummies. They are worthvisiting historical people of Anatolia.

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