A Geopark of Turkiye;Gökbel Valley

Gökbel Valley
Gökbel valley 2

Whole world knows Grand Canyon of USA as one of the oldest rock forms in the world. Grand Canyon actually has an impressive scene in every picture. But Grand Canyon isn’t only one in this category.

There is a great geopark in the Aegean region of Turkiye. It is named as Gökbel Valley. While travelling through Southern Anatolia, it will be on your route. As it is located on the border of Aydın and Muğla provinces of Turkiye, a visitior probably sees this geopark while going for holiday. It is famous for the oldest and youngest rock forms of Anatolia. Any person can see the difference if it is looked at the rocks carefully. It is thought that the youngest rock form is around 10 million years old and the oldest rock form is around 1 billion years old.

Although we have a geological treasure in Turkiye, we don’t have detailed information on this geopark. It should have done more.

Discover Turkiye and travel in time….


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