A Hittite myth; A missing god

A part of Hittite pantheon

Hittites are known as the first central state of the Anatolian peninsula. Also it is known that Hittites weren’t the local tribe of Anatolia. They immagrated from the unknown place. After coming to Anatolia, they merged with the local tribes of Anatolia. Then they established the first central state of Anatolia. They also left a remarkable legacy with some tales. It is one of them;

God Telipinu got mad because of an unknown reason, he was so mad that he wasn’t aware of his actions. He got his left shoe to right food, right shoe to left food. He went into the wood by taking the good things with him. Then the earth was surrounded by the intense fog. The animals in the stables disappeared. The animals rejected their cubs. The soil dried up and the fields became infertile. None of the animals including human beings couldn’t get pregnant or they couldn’t give birth. The human beings and gods were starving.

In order to make the situation better, the god of sun arranged a feast to “Thousand gods”. They had eaten and drunk in the feast but the starving was so bad that it wasn’t enough. So the god of the sun ordered them to find god Telipuni. The God of Sun ordered the eagle to search him. But the eagle couldn’t find him. God of the storm asked the goddess Hannahanna what was possible for this situation.

A bee was commissioned to find the missing God Telipinu. It was told to sting the God Telipinu in order to make him uncomfortable. He was having a rest in the forest. The bee uncomforted the God and he had to come back. So everything became great again.


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