A town where history breaths; Eğil

We know that every square meter of Turkey is full of history and different stories. Southern Eastern region of Turkey has a special location (a passage between east and west). That’s why we can come across important historical destinations such as Eğil county of Diyarbakır province.

Diyarbakır has been one of the important destinations in the name of history. Eğil county is one of them. Eğil has important historical assets such as caves, an Assyrian fortress and a cave church. All of those assets have great historical background.

Finally a cave church which is around 1600 years old will be opened for tourism. It is holy for Christians because we come across every sort of cross figures on the cave walls. Also it is thought that two prophets who are accepted by Quran were buried here. Briefly it is an important destination for religious tourism.

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