About me

Hi, my name is Mert Balioğlu. I graduated from Tourism and Hotel Management Faculty of Balıkesir University. I am a senior tourism professional and interpreter.I have worked in tourism nearly for 15 years. I live in Istanbul/Turkey. I had experiences in various sites of Turkey so I desired to contribute the publicity of Turkish tourism in the world.

Turkey has unique tourism sources in its landscape. They are the heritages of humanbeing.

I am aware that everything changed after COVID outbreak. It will not be the same normal. The future normal will have its own regulations and rules. But one thing will be the same for human being; to discover history and travel in time.

History is a teacher. It teaches us what to do and how to do. All generations lived every sort of situations in the past. We are living the same situations including war and peace times. The next generations will live them,too. Briefly the circumstances will always be the same, only the actors or actresses will be different. Anatolia is the place where history teaches us.

The territory of Turkish Republic has been living those moments for centuries. The historical background of Turkey reflects us those emotions very well.

Briefly Discover Turkey and travel in time…