Agrilion relief

Agrilion was one of the sites that were close to Constantinople. It was the earliest settlement of the region. Also it was the target of civilizations. Let’s listen to Agrilion;

This settlement area was dated back to 3000 BC. Many ancient residents were built in the region. Mining was the major economical activity. The political development was provided Hittites and Phrygians. It was a developed site. Then Persian Empire invaded the region in 6th century BC. Bthynian Kingdom took the control of the region around 300 BC. Then Bthynian Kingdom united to Roman Empire and became the state of Roman Empire. After this period, East Roman Empire took over the region. Then Turks came to region.

Due to urbanization, the ruins are under the modern settlement. The archeological site couldn’t be excavated because of urbanization. It is certain that it hides valuable information on the region.

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