Anatolia; the land of cultural syntesises and the culture development

Cultural syntesis becomes true in a landscape where the multi-cultural life has been seeded. All cultures have the ability to affect the other so a cultural syntesis is born.

Pagan belief systems are known as the oldest belief systems of the world. Archeologists have unearthed many pagan temples or facilities on Anatolian landscape in recent years including Istanbul. Then the religions had existed. Pagans and Christians lived here together. But due to the pressure of Roman Empire for Paganism, early Christians built underground cities in Central Anatolia. They are so complex that maybe %10 or %20 of those structures were unearthed. The secrets on the life of this society are still under the soil and being expected to unearth. Christianty became an universal religion in this landscape. The councils of holy places in Small Asia shaped the Christianty. Constantinople became the capital and East Roman Empire addicted themselves to develop this religion. Even the churches of Orthodox and Vatican spread in Constantinople because of the election of a Pope.

Shamanism and other cultures created a cultural syntesis here. Even today we have many customs and beliefs that are originally from Shamanism. Some of the most developed ancient sites were built in Anatolia such as Ephesus. They were so developed that they can’t be realized very well even today. We can list as the aquedacts of Roman Empire and the infrastructure constructions in ancient site.

Ephesus ancient site
Hasankeyf site ( It will be under the dam)

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