Anatolia; the land of multi-cultural life and tolerance

Anatolia or the Small Asia has been the land of cultural peace and tolerance for centuries. Since the human being life has started, many civilizations and cultures have been living in harmony and peace.

We can say that religions and the belief sytems developed here. For example, we can come across traces of ancient belief systems of the world in Turkey. Göbeklitepe, which is the oldest religious site of the world, was unearthed. Pagan belief system facilities were unearthed on Anatolia.Christianty became an universal religion in Anatolia. The first church was carved in a rock in Hatay. Virgin Mary came to Aegean side of Anatolia and settled here. Islam got an identity thanks to Turks. First ancient empires were established here such as Hittites and Phrygians. Basic of Mesopotamian culture was in Anatolia. Lydians inverted first economical system here.

The great leaders of history have visited this landscape such as Alexander the Great and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Do you know that Egyptian Queen Cleopatra came to Tarsus in order to meet her love?

Church, syngagoue and mosque can be existed together such as in Hatay. Racism and discrimination aren’t in agenda of this culture. We aim to create a happy and respectful life. Differences are treasures of the society.

Uludağ of Bursa

Discover Turkey and feel the spirit of peace….

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