Andaval Church; Another forgotten church of Cappadocia region

Cappadocia has an important background for Christianity because early Christians resided here and survived by various methods against torture of Roman Empire. After Emperor Constantine proselytized, Cappadocia became an important center for Christians. Also it was a stop on the pilgrim’s journey. That’s why churches and accommodation facilities were constructed to the region.

One of those early churches is in the border of Niğde province (south of Nevşehir). It was dedicated to Queen Helena who was the mother of Emperor Constantine ( Also she was one of the first people who became Christian.) It had been forgotten for a long time. Finally it was opened for a visit thanks to the project of Tourism and Cultural Unite of Cappadocia.

The frescoes of the church are special because they are one of the early samples of Christianity. Maybe you can still hear those pilgrims there.

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