Astra ; A forgotten site of ceramics

Some of the ancient sites are forgotten in this landscape unfortunately. But it doesn’t mean that they are ordinary sites. Every settlement area had their own features like today. All of them are parts of a puzzle named history.

Astra ancient site is one of them. It is located between Central Anatolia (Konya province) and Mediterranean region. So it is like a junction site. That is the story;

A tomb from Astra ancient site

Astra was built as Roman city as it is thought. It had a wide area for settlement and there were many reliefs in the site. The most outstanding feature of the site was ceramic ovens. The ceramic ovens show us that it was an important place for ceramic manufacturing. It is the proof of economical value of the site in Roman period.

A relief from Astra ancient site

Even tough we have those data on this site, it is the fact that the archeological excavations haven’t been done enough. We know that only some important buildings and some items were unearthed. It is required more interest and investment to unearth all site.

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