Bodrum Archeology of Underwater Museum

Bodrum Fortress

Turkey is one of the countries where archeology can be a star scientific branch. In addition to ground archeology, underwater archeology is also important for Turkey due to its location in history. The items of underwater archeology are being exhibited in a museum that was founded in Bodrum underwater museum.

The oldest sunken of the museum

This museum is formed of various halls such as British hall and German hall. Those towers of the fortress are halls of the museum. There are different sections in the museum. Those are about some ancient sunken ships and amphora exhibitions. As we know that the goods such as olive oil and wine were transported in those amphoras.

Amphora section

The oldest sunken ship was dated back to earlier ancient era.Of course it is the replica of the vessel. Also we can see every sort of archeological items that were unearthed in Bodrum including Turkish bath and jewellery.

A relief of ancient era

Also dungeon of the fortress is very impressive because this place is described as “the place that God never exists”. It is a classical middle age dungeon.

Briefly it is one of the worth visiting museums of Turkey.

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