Brain surgeries in Anatolia (pre-historic age)

If you imagine that pre-historic age people were very primitive, this article may change your vision. A skull which was discovered in Aşıklı ancient site of Aksaray province is around 9500 years old. It belongs to a woman. The most interesting point is that that woman had a brain surgery 9500 years ago. Also it is certain that she survived a week later (at least) after the surgery. It is the period that we imagine the people as ordinary farmer society.

The archeaologists think that it can be the oldest brain surgery we discover. That woman was buried with her baby. According to latest news, the skull of this woman will be regenerated.

This landscape is the home of human being development. Not only this sample and also the archeaological works prove us that Anatolia is one of the cradles of developed human being societies. Pre-historic age has still some mysteries and they are waiting for to be solved.

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