Byzantine war ship sample; A real one in Istanbul

Byzantine Navy description

As we know that Byzantine Navy was one of the powerful one in earlier ages. It was described as the best navy with secret weapons. It is known that one of the secret weapon was Greek fire. It could burn the enemy ship approaching the Byzantine ship. Unfortunately those statements were just a description and we didn’t have any proof or a war ship wreck till Yenikapı Subway excavations in Istanbul.

During the excavation of Yenikapı, biggest port of Constantinople was discovered. This discovery had some bonuses such as the ship wrecks of Byzantine period. There was a special ship wreck among the unearthed ones. It was a Byzantine war ship that we mentioned above. We had the complete one and we could see the design we see above.

The ship wreck of the war vessel

This is the first East Roman (Byzantine) war ship sample. It may seem as a ruin but it has a lot of stories to tell us.

This is the proof why Istanbul is priceless for history.

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