Çanakkale can’t be passed…..

Stop here passenger

108 yeasrs ago, an epic war became true in Dardanel strait. A fleet of English and French ships aimed to pass through the Dardanel strait to occupy Istanbul and to help Russian Empire. But Turkish forces that are under the command of German officers were in defence positions. Turkish artillery was in alert. Their arsenal was so limited that a few chances to sink the warships were avaliable. Finally by the epical defence, English and French fleet couldn’t be able to pass through the strait. Biggest ships of the fleet were sunk. Finally the war minister of British cabinet Churchill decided to develop a war plan with troops in order to pass through the strait.

British Empire and its communities gathered troops to invade the strait. Then the land war has begun. Around 8 months passed and Turkish forces defended the strait epically under the command of Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk). So they faced a big defeat again.

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