Cappadocia: The land of beautiful horses

Cappadocia is the destination that any of the visitors feels themselves in another world. This world offers us a deep history and natural wonders. Cappadocia was designed specially by nature because many components gathered here and they created Cappadocia.

Firstly nature had the first role. Cappadocia is a land that volcanos were existed on. The area was shaped by lavas then winds and rains were formed the structures that are named as fairy chimneys. The lava stone is so soft that it is easy to shape it.


Humanbeing came to earth, they created a city underneath of this land. First Christians ran away from Romans. Due to the soft soil, they constructed one of the most impressive underground cities of the world. Even today, we could discover small part of this heritage.

Also Cappadocia was known as land of beautiful horses. Hot air baloon tours are the best options to visit Cappadocia. Don’t forget to schedule a visit to Cappadocia.

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