Cappadocia; the land of magnificent things

Cappadocia is one of the natural wonders of the world. There are a few places that can compete with Cappadocia. There isn’t only fairy chimneys and also the underground cities are very mysterical. There are more than 100 underground cities but a few of them were discovered and opened for the visit. Due to the volcanic tuff, it is very easy to shape the soil. Also the rains and winds have been shaping fairy chimneys for millions of years.

It is located in the mid of Anatolia. The civilizations had shaped the region. Some of them are so old that they can be dated back to pre-historic ages. The constructions and engineering of the constructions are still very impressive. As we realize that those communs weren’t primitive. Those constructions have been standing for thousands of years.

Visit Cappadocia and travel in time….

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July 15, 2022