Çatalhöyük II: Earlier urban zone of History

We mentioned about the importance of Çatalhöyük ancient site before but the last results of this site excavation show us that there are more to talk on this site and humankind development.

As we know that our human ancestors began their life as hunters and they were migrating. Briefly they didn’t have a settlement area and they chose their life zone according to the hunt. When mankind discovered agriculture and animal domestication, they started to settle in sites such as villages.

Everything has changed when this revolution became true. We are traveling back to Çatalhöyük ancient site. The people became inhabitants of a village. They started to live together. Actually it was very difficult as it is today. Stress and pollution increased;As animals and human were together, they couldn’t develop a system that could keep the order. So violence and disasters were the major issues of the village. The houses were constructed in row housing. There were no huge spaces for people. Even the bodies were buried under the houses.

This is the earlier model of urban life in history. It was very difficult to make order because they were new for this model.


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