Caunos rock tombs of kings: A graveyard of a dynasty

Caunos rock tombs

Caunos is one of the most important ancient sites of Turkey because it was a capital that was between Karia and Lykian region. Caunos is located on Dalyan channel of Muğla province.

It is known that they were built in BC 4th century and they are the graveyards of a dynasty. Unfortunately they were damaged by tomb raiders in time period.

Dalyan channel

Dalyan is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts of Muğla province. It is famous for the daily boat tours on Dalyan channel. It is also one of the greatest nature beauties of Western Anatolia. Many famous ancient era characters lived and visited here.

Visit Caunos and Dalyan to travel in time and to enjoy in a great nature.

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