Çeşme; A windsurf paradise of Turkey

Beach of Çeşme

Çeşme is the county of Izmir province and it is located on the western end of Turkey. Çeşme is one of the famous holiday resorts of Turkey.

Çeşme is one of the windsurf paradises of Turkey. Due to the climate, summer is very hot and windy. It is so windy that the climate is very suitable for windsurf. Thus there are many windsurf courses in Çeşme. Adventurers are going to enjoy here by the windsurf according to my experiences. Outdoor sports are very famous here.

Windsurf rallies

Also Alaçatı, the district of Çeşme, is a well known holiday resorts in Turkey. Thanks to its traditional and cute structure, it is an alternative destination for foreign and domestic tourists. It can be also considered as economical alternative destination.

Çeşme ( fountain), the name of the district, takes its name from the story that the mariners were visiting here to supply fresh water.


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