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Chalcedon was the the harbor of Bithynia and it was neighbor to Constantinople. It had a strategical and historical value. Scutari and Chalcedon were important settlement unites. They are today’s Üsküdar and Kadıköy. We will travel to Chalcedon (Kadıköy).

Chalcedon was very famous in ancient era. Today we came across the remains of Chalcedon due to the construction of high speed train railways. St.Euphemia was the saint of Chaledon and her church used to be here. Unfortunately it is lost in present. Some tombs were found during a construction so it is thought that the church was nearby the region. 


Council of Chalcedon

It was gathered in AD 451 and its goal was to discuss the characters of Jesus (human and supernatural). According to Ephites, Jesus had two characters. This theory was rejected by the council.

So Catholic and Orthodox churches were separated till 20th century. They had been separated for 1500 years.

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