Constantinople’s lost amphitheaters

As we know that Constantinople was a Roman capital city. So when we think of a Roman capital city, something is missing in today’s ruin; An amphitheater. It means a lot for a capital city. It is thought that there were two amphitheaters in Constantinople. According to the historical records, their locations are estimated but unfortunately a sufficient excavation was never made.

As you see above, it is the location of big one. It is thought that it was on the skirt of the hill where Topkapı Palace was built ( once upon a time, megalo palacio (mega palace) of Byzantium was there). As it is dangerous to excavate the underneath of the palace, the research couldn’t be done.

In addition to big amphitheater, there used to be a small one. An excavation was made for this but some columns and pillars were found. Unfortunately it was never confirmed.

This is the anothe mystery for old Istanbul.

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