Corona Virus; A new threat for tourism industry in the world

One of the outstanding features of tourism is to be affected by every sort of events in the world. Any small event can have a deep impact on tourism industry. We have experienced this sort of issue for several times.

Health is one of the top factors that affect tourism deeply. New type of cold (Corona Virus) is a new threat for travel industry. It was burst in China it was reported. And thousands of casualty were reported in China. We see many news’ that report it is getting wide in world. The governments are trying to prevent the epidemic in their own countries. Airports and custom points are in red alert for this virus. A cruise ship was taken to quarantine due to the Chinese couple in Italy. The health officers reported that Chinese couple had the symptoms of corona virus so the vessel was kept in quarantine.

According to the official reports, we haven’t seen a serious case in Turkey. The inspections and precautions are held officially in Turkey.

Have healthy and good days… Health is always on the top.

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