Cultural Profile of Turkiye

If a country is a canditate for tourism sector, it means that history, culture and civilization are all connected. Since the history has begun, this territory has been hosting various civilizations. So the societies have deep transactions among them.

We all start the history with Hittites Empire on this territory. Before Hittites, we don’t see a central ruling. There were city states and their joints. Ancient Greeks, Macedonian Empire and Persian Empire were some civilizations. We discover that all layers were made up over and over in time.

Ephesus Remains
Hattusa, the capital of Hittites

Roman Empire dominated the peninsula. Anatolia was the eastern border of Roman Empire. Turks came to peninsula after 1071 as a powerful entrance. But they were here as tribes or fortune soldiers. Then Roman Empire divided into two. Eastern Roman had survived till 1453 when Ottomans conquered the Constantinople.

St.Sophia Museum, Istanbul

Mesopotamian civilizations were the neighbours of South eastern region. First university of the world was established in the region. Tigris and Euphrates rivers are born in Anatolia and runs through Persian Sea. This is the region where the civilizations raised. There are many civilizations we couldn’t join here.

Discover Turkiye and travel in time….

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