Dara Mesopotamia ruins

Dara Mesopotamia city is one of the ancient sites that give us incredible info on Mesopotamia civilization. There are cave houses from earlier age. This is the story of Dara ancient site;

Dara Mesopotamia city is dated back to late Roman period. We can see some cave houses from this age. We can see that Persians and Babylon kingdoms left ruins here. They were from 5th century. Most of them were tombs. Also the mosaics were made 7000 years ago. Mesopotamian culture was shaped here. The city was surrounded by the walls and water channels. Those channels had been used for centuries. A city with various buildings including church,palace and dungeon was founded in the walls. Dara city was established in a large field.

City walls and water channels of Dara Mesopotamia city

Dara Mesopotamian city is located in Mardin county of Turkey. It is one of the historical treasures of South Eastern Turkey.

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