Footprint of Devil at the site

We all mention that this landscape is admired by everyone. The best proof for this statement is the devil’s table in Ayvalık district of Balıkesir county in Western Anatolia. There is an incredible place on the shore of Western Anatolia.

I guess that devil was looking for a nice place to have a rest and devil discovered Ayvalık. Devil sat down on a hill and watched the islands. Devil left a footprint in a rock on the edge of the hill.Today you can make a wish at this site. I have to confess that it has a taste. This is the view;

Panorama of Devil’s table

This is one of the different sight seeing place with a pleasant panorama. There are restaurants and cafes on the hill. Also it is famous for sunsets in the evenings.

Sunset from Devil’s table
Location of Devil’s table

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