Diogenes: A philosopher in a barrel

Diogenes statue

We are going back to BC 412. We are going to meet a man called Diogenes. He was living in Black sea of Small Asia. He became one of the best known philosophers in ancient era. He was an extra ordinary man of the age.

Diogenes was a philosopher that was born in Sinop.He was born in BC 412. He was known as a man living in a barrel. He was a son of a banker family and he worked with his father but he had to leave Sinop for a conflict. He went to Athena and he focused on philosophy. His belief was to adopt on nature and to live in simplicity. His life principle was to live simple so he started to live in a barrel.

Diogenes and Alexander the Great

Although the philosophers had value in the public, his choice was to live in simplicity. One day Alexander the Great wanted to see that famous philosopher and asked him if he had any wish. His response was very interesting. He just wanted Alexander the great not to stand in front of him because Diogenes wanted to feel the sun rays.

He was an interesting character of philosophy.


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