Earthquake history in Anatolia

Faults on Anatolian Peninsula

As you can see above, Anatolian Peninsula is the conjunction of three plates. Briefly we are on the crash site of three wild plataes. It means that Turkiye is standing on one of the most active earthquake sites in the world. It can happen at anytime or in anywhere. Geological structure of Turkiye requires ongoing observation. The earthquakes may happen without any signal.

Anatolia has faced many big earthquakes in the history. This land was under the water in the beginning. That’s why many underwater animal fossils were unearthed. Then the land raised and today’s geography was formed. The changing of the whole territory is going on. For example, by the small earthquakes the straits are getting closer. Marmara Sea and Black sea will lose the connection with the sea maybe after 10.000 years later. The Western Anatolia has many horizontal faults. So İzmir has been facing earthquakes often.

We can see the traces of earthquakes in our historical sightseeing sites. Mostly all of them were collapsed once at least because of the earthquakes. The history will go on like this in future.

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