Earthquake is back…. Second biggest earthquake of 100 years

On 6th of February, the southeast of Turkish Republic was hit by two earthquakes in 7.7 and 7.6 richter scale. 10 provinces of Turkiye were destroyed. Mostly those cities were demolished by a great power. The destruction is so big that the casualties and the ruins are getting more in every minute. According to the last aftermath, the casualties are more than 3000 people and there are more than 20.000 injured people. The people are still waiting for to be rescued under the ruins.

In addition to Turkiye, the Middleeast region and some African countries were affected from the earthquake. It is reported that it is the biggest earthquake happened in five decades.

We all know that Anatolian peninsula was made by eathquakes and earthquake is the most important fact of the region. “Will the earthquake happen?” isn’t the question, ” When will it happen?” is the right question. So we have to be careful and we have to build our sites up to this fact.

To the bright future my beautiful country…

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