Filigree: A handycraft that symbolizes the beauty

Jewellery set that is the masterpiece of filigree

Since the human being has been developed, some concepts have developed in the same way such as beauty. Especially by women, beauty has a deep meaning and some handycrafts serve the beauty with great pieces. Filigree is one of those handycrafts that arised in Mesopotamia region. It is based on manufacturing beautiful silver and gold items by processing the fibres such as jewellery sets and mirrors. It is so special that its manufacturing had a wealth sign.

It is dated back to 3000 BC ( Mesopotamia was the most developed region in that period). The high society and wealthy people showed their wealth and taste by wearing them. Today this handycraft is living in Southeastern Turkey (Mardin).

A filgree work on gold

Although the items are manufactured of silver mostly, gold has a different place in manufacturing. It is absolute that aesthetic is everything for this handycraft.

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