Five new destinations to temporary UNESCO historical list

Turkey has an inquestionable historical background. We can come across many sight seeing places that are added to UNESCO’s temporary historical list.

We have five new destinations that are in this list;

  • Beypazarı historical city:

Beypazarı is a county of Ankara province. It is famous for one of the traditional architectural styles of Anatolia. They are under the protection of authority today.

  • İzmir historical harbour city:

İzmir was known as Smyrna in ancient era. This bay is always filled up with alliviums from the rivers. This is the natural process of the region. Once upon a time, Ephesus was a harbour city. According to the future predictions, today’s İzmir bay will be filled up in future.

  • Karatepe-Aslantaş Archeological Site:

Hittites were one of the important civilizations in ancient era. Also Hittittes had a deep trace in history. Karatepe-Aslantaş Archeological site was one of the important centers of Hittites. It is located in the border of Osmaniye province of Turkey.

  • Koramaz Valley:

Turkish landscape offers us many choices. One of them is Koramaz Valley of Kayseri province. A great panorama from Turkey…

  • Zerzevan Castle and Mathrias Temple;

A castle was unearthed in Diyarbakır province. This castle remained from Roman age. Zerzevan castle has an importance for reigious history because a secret cult of Roman age was unearthed. A temple for Mathrias was built in the castle. It is an unique discovery as we have a little information about this religion.

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