Gallipoli War; the last legendary war at the region…

Gallipoli was the place where millions of soldiers fought 106 years ago. The struggle started with a marine war. The fleet of allied forces came to Dardenelles to sail through Black sea. Turkish forces defended Turkish land because the first target was Istanbul. Turkish artillerymen hit the important ships of the fleet and they sank.

Then allied forces decided to deploy ground forces to stop Turkish artillery troops. Turkish forces had a heroic defence against allied forces. Finally allied forces were defeated by heroic defence of Turkish forces.

There was a commander named Mustafa Kemal. He did a great task and he predicted the extraction zone of ANZAC troops. So Turkish forces stopped progress of ANZAC troops. Thus all world found out this statement ” No way out”.

This is the 106th anniversivary of Gallipoli war. After this war, Australia and New Zealand became nations.

This legendary war took its place among the important events of the region such as Trojan war.

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