General Alcetas; Immortal warrior

There are many unknown warriors in ancient era. We just know the characters such as Alexander the Great or Emperor Ceasar. But we don’t know their soldiers or generals eactly. Their names were deleted by the history but this general is lucky because he is immortal.

General Alcetas was the general of Aleandre the Great. After Aleander the Great had passed away, a struggle among the genarals started in empire due to the absence of successor. General Alcetas sheltered to Thermessos site while fighting against another general of Alexander the Great. Other general wanted him back from the city council. But he had connected to warriors of the site and they vowed him to fight for him. So the warriors didn’t let him deliver. But the city council made a trick to warriors and they delivered him as a body because he committed suicide. He was humiliated and tortured by the rival general.

Unfortunately the warriors couldn’t rescue him but they built a tomb for him. So Alcetas became immortal in Thermessos site.

Thermessos site is on the skirt of Güllük Mountain of Antalya. It is one of the protected but unexcavated site of Turkey.

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