Germany allowance to Turkey


After COVID-19 restrictions, many countries closed their borders or didn’t let their citizens travel to any country with any purpose such as EU and Germany. Three months passed after the pandemic period. Some countries reopened their borders and they led their citizens travel . Of course this allowance was given up to the precautions and policies of other countries.

According to our profile, Germany is one of the major markets for tourism in Turkey. Germany resisted to remove the ban on travelling to Turkey due to the condition. Turkish Republic is trying to normalize everything, on the other side Turkey is trying to reattract international tourists.

Finally Germany gave allowance German citizens to travel to Turkey. This allowance is compromising only four provinces (Muğla,Antalya,İzmir and Aydın). They are well-known holiday resorts of Turkey. Up to the new normal conditions, German government asked the citizens to obey the social distance and health rules. Also when they come back to Germany, they have to take the COVID test in 48 hours. It seems normal in those conditions.

Welcome to Turkey………

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