Golden Horn of Istanbul

Golden Horn of Istanbul is a river that is subject to all mysterious stories about the city. Actually it was used as inner port in ancient period. Golden Horn is one of the symbols of Istanbul city. During the period of Constantinople and Byzantium, it was used as navy base. Even today we can see some shipyards on the shore of Golden Horn.

Up to its shape, it is called as Golden Horn. In ancient times the water became yellow because of sun rays. So it got the name of Golden Horn. This river has an important role on city legends. For example, it is told that East Roman society or soldiers threw all of the treasure to Golden Horn as Ottomans could never have them. This treasure was so valuable that golden objects and golds were hidden here according to the legend. Constantinople was a well known city in ancient era. East Roman Emperors had a wealthy city. Finally crusaders invaded Constantinople and the capital lost its shine forever.

After the conquest of the city by Ottoman Empire, Ottoman sultans reconstructed the city. It had some various names but finally Istanbul remained. Golden Horn was the attraction center of the city as it is today.Most of the minatures described the beauty of Golden Horn several times.

Till 19th century, Golden Horn had green shores. It was a place where the society could spend time with boats. After the industry came here, it polluted and the life ended here. It is told that it was deeper in the past. By the time, mud covered the bottom the river and formed a thick layer. The legendary treasure can be under this mud layer. Despite those features, it is one of the beautiful places of Istanbul. It is a worthvisiting site and a place where time stopped.

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