Goodbye 2020… Welcome 2021

Year 2020 is going in a few hours. It was an awful year for the world. The most serious problem was Covid outbreak. Due to the Covid outbreak, everything has changed. Also we redefined our normal routines. We remembered something we forget; value of freedom.

The new year 2021 is a new hope for human beings. Hope is the strongest emotion for human being life. I wish that 2021 brings us a better year and a better world. It is important to state that it will take time to heal our life routines. 2021 can be a first step to achieve this goal.

Tourism is one of the most affected sectors due to the COVID pandemic. We have to apply some restrictions for safety. That’s why travel and tourism sectors is going down. The other branch of tourism, accommodation facilities, has also deep impact from the pandemic. Most of the hotels are trying to survive and keep their economical situation sustainable. According to the predictions, recover can last two or three years if everything goes allright. 2021 can be the first year to recover.

Always be safe and healthy…. Time will come and we will be free to travel.

Turkey is waiting for tourists and travel lovers….

Have a nice year…..

Tourism is a bridge among the various cultures. My passion is to contribute tourism and my country's publicity. I am a volunteer to achieve this goal.

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