Hamaxia; the source of cedar trees

Hamaxia ancient sites

Hamaxia ancient site is located nearby Alanya county of Antalya province. It is one of the sites that had less importance rather than others. This is Hamaxia;

Hamaxia was constructed on a field that was full of cedar trees. Those trees were materials of vessels in that age. Famous geographer Strabon visited this site and reported notes on this site. It was located in Pamphylian region. The city was decorated with fountain and religious facilities. There used to be a temple in the name of Hermes in the city. The public of Hamaxia wasn’t as rich as other sites. Hamaxia had the best days in Roman and Byzantine periods.

Hamaxia ancient site

Hamaxia ancient site isn’t the one that wasn’t shining like others. But it was the source of cedar trees. Vessels were made of cedar tress. This is the feature that made this small town special.


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