Harput Fortress; the fortress where milk was used for construction

Urartu civilization is one of the main characters of this landscape. Eastern Anatolia was the main land of Urartu state. One of the masterpieces of Urartu is in Elazığ province of Turkey. This fortress is known as Harput Fortress;

This fortress was built in 8th century BC by Urartu State. After Urartu period, Persians dominated the region. Byzantine Empire had dominated the region till 11th century AD and it was known as Kharpete. Then Turkish domination had arrived the region.

According to the legends, there used to be a lack of water while constructing the fortress. So Urartu king ordered to use milk in soil mixture.

The fortress was built as a settlement complex inside the building. The original features were kept despite of many reconstructions in history.

It is one of the historical heritages of Turkey.


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