Hattusa ancient site: the site where iron was used first..

Hattusa: The gate of lions

Hattusa was an important city because it was the capital of Hittites Empire. So it had a glorious look and it was decorated with marvelous sculptures. Today we name this location as Bogazkoy district of Çorum province. Due to its features, it has an important place in history.

The another feature that makes here unique is the usage of iron in earlier period. Also we can state that iron was used in this landscape firstly. Iron was so valuable that it could be exchanged with gold or silver, copper wasn’t equal to iron. Many items such as jewellery and weapons were unearthed on this ancient site. The iron period was between BC 3rd and BC 1st century.

This is the fact that Hittites were a state that had an impact in history. Thus Hattusa (Bogazkoy) is one of the best destinations to visit for history lovers and time travelers.


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