Hell gate caves; Caves of Mythology and early Christians

Hell gate caves panorama

We are traveling to Black Sea region. The natural structure of black sea offers us many opportunities to travel in time. Hell gate caves are one of the opportunities we mention. Those caves are located in Zonguldak province of Turkey.

Those caves are formed of three caves. They were the home of early Christians. The caves were used as secret praying facilities. The caves had also necessary facilities such as cistern and churches. In addition to Christian history, those caves have importance for mythological history. We can see traces of Roman and Byzantine period . According to mythology, this is the gate of the deaths’ land and this is the home of hellhounds Cerberus. Heracles had a mission to take Cerberus from deaths’ land. Also it is known that it was one of the oracle centers of ancient era.

A view from Hell gate caves

Those caves are worth seeing places to travel in time. It is a great place for touristic purposes at the same time.


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