Historical Sinop Prison Museum; Alcatraz of Anatolia

All historical sight seeing places don’t have a great background unfortunately. Those are the sight seeing places that you experience pain and terror. Historical Sinop Prison is one of those sites. It is historical because its background is dated back to Hellenistic era.

Historical Sinop Prison

It was built as a castle originally before Roman age. It was an island and its mission was to protect the city. It had been used as castle by every empires till 1880’s. The castle was converted into a prison by building extra parts. After this period, it had a dark reputation. Prisoners were under tortures and bad manners. Every sort of tortures were applied to prisoners. The familiar people of the past were also here because of political charges. It was named as Alcatraz of Anatolia.

After this dark background, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey took over the the prison and it was converted into a museum. You can experience this dark background by visiting this prison. It is like the dark jails of the castles in Europe.

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Ancient Sinop Castle and Sinop Prison

Alcatraz of Anatolia


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