History of university: South eastern of Turkey

Ancient Harran University

We are going back in time right now. We are tuning the time machine to 4000 years back and our destination will be Harran (today’s county of Şanlıurfa). We are witnessing an important destination between Small Asia and Mesopotamia. It is an destination on Silk road and a great home of science. It is hosting a big education facility we name university in present.It is named as Academia. The religion or the homeland don’t matter. It is the homeland of ancient world’s mathematicians, philosophy and sciences. It is so famous that the sultans and kings of the era respect here deeply. Religions are living in harmony and they all develop their ideas together. It is an interesting experience, isn’t it?

Nisbis Academy

Nisbis academy was located in Nusaybin county of Diyarbakır. It is told that it was founded before the Academia. But due to some registration problems, it couldn’t be registered on time and Academia got the first university title. This academy educated its students in science, philosophy and religion. Also different cultures lived and educated here. The excavations showed us that it was an important education facility of the era.

It seems a great way to realize our world’s development. Southeastern region of Turkey was the region of developed science and tolerance thousand years ago as it is today


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