Horoscope of Commagene Kingdom; Horoscope on Lion statue

Horoscope on Lion Statue

Astrology was one of the important belief systems of ancient civilizations. Thus we come across many master pieces that belong to ancient world on earth One of them was unearthed on the skirt of Mt.Nemrut; Horoscope on Lion Statue.

It is a very special work because it is the configuration of stars in the date of King Antiochos’ birthday. Astrology used to symbolize the configuration of the stars in a date.

It is considered as a religious relic for Commagene Kingdom. The stars were carved on the body of lion also some stars were figured outside the the lion body. We can see the planets such as Mars, Jupiter and Mercure figured on the statue.

As it was damaged, it is under restoration and it isn’t being exhibited at the museum right now. It is considered as one of the oldest horoscopes of the world.

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