Iconium: One of the centers of world civilizations

The location of Iconium

We are traveling to a site that you are going to feel as you will travel in time. The name of this site is Iconium and every ancient era civilizations (even later) left some traces in the region. Let’s travel in time and have a tour in Iconium ;

Firstly we are in early ages of history. This region is being used as the settlement area for hunting and agriculture. They are creating a civilization here. Those settlement areas are developing and Empires’ era is coming. Hittites are dominating the region. They are leaving the first samples of hieroglyphic tablets ( before Egyptians) then Phrygians and Kimmers are coming. Lycians, Persians and Macedonians are following them. This site knows how to survive despite of those invasions. Then Romans and Byzantines are coming. We can see temples and samples of Roman engineering. Also it is one of the earliest Christian settlement area so we can come across the sample of oldest churches and basilicas. Iconium has some visitors. They are St.Paul and Barnabas. Thanks to its location, it is an important trade center. Then Turks settled the region and the city is still living.

A church of Iconium

Iconium is the site where you can see famous characters of history. It makes here a special place for a time traveler. It is also basis of today’s Konya.


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