Isaurapolis; A forgotten legacy of Central Anatolia

A great gate of Isaurapolis

As we always state, Turkey has a lot of historical legacies from the past. Some of them are famous and some of them are forgotten or some of them can be unknown. Isaurapolis or Zengibar Castle is the one that is forgotten or not known very well. It is located in Central Anatolia ( Konya province). We have a few information on this site. Let’s listen to Isaurapolis;

Isaurapolis was constructed on the peak of the hill that was able to watch a wide area. It was the city that was surrounded with city walls by Isaurans. The city was shining and glorious. It had great buildings including basilica and acropolis. They were huge and great buildings. City walls were strong and it made the city safer. Victory monuments were the symbols of the city. One of them was built in the name of Emperor Hadrian. Probably the wars and attacks weakened the defensive power of the city and it became ruin by the time.

Isaurapolis ancient site

Finally it was forgotten. But the city was so big that none of the components destroyed. Their gates or walls are still standing. It is just waiting for attention and archeological excavations. It is a worth visiting site in order to travel in time.

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