Istanbul; A city and a love

Constantinople or Istanbul; It isn’t only a city or a resident place where human beings live. It is so special that a person who visits this city at any time, this person falls in love with here. It was the same in the past. When the city was named as Constantinople, we could see that various communities came to reside here including Vikings and Genoese community.

Various communities and religions have been living in harmony for thousands of years in this city. We can see some small struggles among the communities here but when we compare those struggles with ones in the world, we realize that they seem insignificant. The relations of those communities were based on respect and tolerance. Actually it should be the same today. We had less problems on this subject in the world thanks to respect. The poets and painters loved this city. We can find many art masterpieces that are based on Istanbul. There is a lovely emotion in the spirit of this city. The residents of this city were sometimes blind but it was obvious that they loved the site where they lived.

This spirit has been creating multi-cultural society for hunderds of years. We can see traces of Istanbul in art. Mostly the artists prefer to live in Istanbul as it used to be in the past.

Istanbul isn’t only a city, it is like a beloving friend……

Discover Turkey and travel in time…..

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