Jewels and Accessories of Anatolia in the history

Handycraft has been very important industrial sector in Anatolia for centuries. Even today a visitor can come across a handycraft market or production center in Anatolian provinces. The reason is that the handycraft markets have been one of the symbols in provinces. They can be established on every sort of material such as metal items and cotton products. The handycraft markets are still being exhitibed the talent of Anatolian villagers.

Anatolian jewelleries

During the history, Anatolia has a undeniable place on handycraft. It is known that most of the handcrafts were discovered or improved in Anatolia such as metal accessories and jewellery. Every civilization that settled on Anatolia contributed the handcraft industry of this land. For example Troian treasure is one of the popular treasures of Anatolia. They are being exhibited at Troy Museum in Çanakkale. The level of this handycraft is so quality that even today they are considered as one of the most valuable treasures of the history. In addition to Troian tresaures, other civilizations such as Hittites and Greeks left us remarkable legacy about this art. A visitor can see the samples of this art in various museums of Turkiye. Anatolian peninsula is considered as the center of the civilization in the world as many inventions and handycrafts expanded whole world from here such as metal item production and decorative items.

Pieces of Troian treasure

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