Every religion has a different place in the history of Anatolia. Anatolia is known as a geography where various religious systems live together. That’s why Jewish community has an important effect on multi cultural sysytem of this geography.

We can come across earlier Jewish communities in ancient sites of Anatolia such as Sardes. As we know that there was a big synangoue in Sardes. Also we have hints in order to discover earlier Jewish communities in other sites. For example we know that there was a vast trade network in Ephesus. Jewish traders had a big share in this network. We can add more samples for this story.

Also we know that the history of Jewish community isn’t limited in ancient periods. Jewish community had faced a torture in Europe and finally they were fired. Turkish authority of Anatolia accepted and protected them. Ottoman Empire allowed them to deal with trade. Thus the community improved and extended here. They had many synangoues built in Anatolia. They were the part of the religion mosaic in Anatolia.

Jewish Community and Turkish society has been living in harmony for centuries. Even our customs got resembled more.

Discover Turkey and feel the respect of tolerans among the cultures….

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